"Morocco is a paradise on earth with beautiful climate, pristine beaches, magnificent landscapes, and immemorial heritage monuments."


Individual tours in Morocco

"mobilunterwegs" is a small publishing house that deals specifically with travel literature on Morocco.

The author Edith Kohlbach knows the country through nearly 30 years of intensive travel very well and is now also organizing trips toMorocco. These are not group tours, but individually conducted tours for two and more people. You have an SUV with a local driver on your own and be driven on the author's favorite routes through the beautiful south of Morocco. You do not need to take care of driving, but have your hands and mind free to enjoy the nature and shoot your photos. Your driver is also your guide and informs you about the country and it's people.

The journey is the destination

Those who travel to Germany and maybe want to see Munich, Cologne and Hamburg, will take the ICE or the motorway, head quickly from point A to B in order to enjoy the sights in peace. But this is not the way you should not schedule a trip to Morocco. In Morocco, the journey is the destination. The scenery is so beautiful, constantly changing, and in between ancient mountain villages, picturesque brown-red adobe kasbahs decorated with geometric patterns, traditionally dressed people going about their daily duties. You feel displaced in a world of hundreds of years ago. Therefore, you should definitely plan a little time for a round trip, and also remember that the narrow, winding streets permit no more than 50 - 60 km per hour.