"Morocco is a paradise on earth with beautiful climate, pristine beaches, magnificent landscapes, and immemorial heritage monuments."


Tour 11 Bike tour accompanied by 4x4

Perfect for bikers, who also want security, is an organized tour through Morocco with you bike accompanied by a driver with 4x4. He will always be close and never leave you out of sight on difficult desert roads. This example is a bout a 3-week-trip to the beautiful south of Morocco, but we can do any trip you want.  The price is about 100 Euro per day and per person, it varies with your special needs. Minimum 2 persons, with your own bike. This is not an organized group tour, but individually done for you with personally selected, beautiful accommodation.

1st Day

Marrakech Tahanoute - Asni - Arumd

8.00h Pick up from your hotel, drive by jeep to Tahanoute, biking to Imlil, back into the SUV and drive a short distance further to Arumd at the foot of the jebel Toubkal. Alternatively, if you are fit enough, you can also follow the SUV. Accommodation in a simple but clean lodge in the village Arumd, dinner

2nd Day

The luggage is packed on a number of mules, so that later also fit the bikes on it. You make a nice bike-trekking through the valleys around the Toubkal. The route will be chosen from the hostel in agreement with you so that you stay the night in a hut where you will be picked up in the morning with the SUV.

3rd Day

Arumd - Ijoukak - Tinmal - Tizi-Test - Aoulouz

Since you already cycled the distance Imlil - Asni take the 4x4 back to Asni. There on the main road you get on your bike and ride the few miles to the beautiful historic mosque Tinmal, and stop for a visit. Next to the mountain pass Tizi-Test, there in the restaurant is waiting your waiting, or you wantto roll down even further with the bike. Overnight stay in a riad in Aoulouz.

4th Day

Aoulouz - Askaoun - Anezal - Agdz

From here you will not be driving on the main N10 road, but on a very nice road through the beautiful region of Djebel Siroua, you might even see the saffron flowers. Along the way you can take as desired the jeep to Agdz. Night in a historic kasbah.

5th Day

Agdz - Tamnougalt - Nekob - Boumalne

Ride your bike through the beautiful Dra valley, 8 km after Agdz go to the left side of the Dra and go there on tar / track to the Kasbah Tamnougalt (possible visit), continue until you hit the R 108. There your driver is waiting and brings you to Nekob. From Nekob a dirt road leads to the magnificent Djebel Sarho. In the afternoon you cycle a part of the tour to your preference. Accommodation in the Kasbah Perle du Dades near Boumalne. This is a very good Auberge with beautiful rooms with private bathroom owned by a very nice French couple.

6th Day


In the morning, the driver will take you to the entrance of the Dades Gorge. You will cycle 27 km to the Kasbah de la Vallee. Lunch and rest there, in the afternoon trek with local guide through the gorge. Accommodation with dinner at Kasbah La Vallee.

7th Day

Dades – Msemrir - Tamtatouchte

Ride on the offroad trail Dades - Msemrir - Tamtaouchte. Change to the bike just as you like (preferably after the pass). In Tamtatouchte walk with local guide in the area. Dinner and overnight stay at the Auberge Les Amis.

8th Day

Tamtatouchte – Tinerhir – Tinejdad – Erfoud – Erg Chebbi

In the morning you take the bike down to the Todra gorge to Tinerhir. With the Jeep on to Tinejdad. There, visit of the Ksar Khorbat. From Tinejdad to Jorf and Erfoud. After a short rest the jeep brings you to Erg Chebbi, possibly a little ride.

9th Day

Erg Chebbi – Mfiss – Taouz – Ouzina – Ramlia - Tafraout

With the bike on desert tracks directly from the Auberge to the mining town of Mfiss, through the valley of the turtles you get to the dunes of Erg Sneggi. The truck moves forward and shows the path. Continue to Taouz, there with a 4x4 tour of the petroglyphs. In the afternoon, on desert slopes and over Ouzina, Ramlia to Tafraout on the golden sand dunes of Lake Maider. Again, drive a few miles on the bike. The driver will not let you out of sight, because here you are right in the middle of the lonely desert. Accommodation and dinner in a very simple, yet extremely sympathetic desert hotel.

10th Day

Tafraout - Mhamid

On the desert slopes, you take the bike, then it's on the 4x4. Overnight at the Kasbah Sahara Services, it is wonderful to take here again a hot shower.

11th Day

Mhamid – Erg Chegaga

The trail leading to the Erg Chegaga begins with about 10 km of sandy dunes, but after this you get on your bike and ride up to the Erg Chegaga. Beware, there is no mobile phone reception, so just make sure before with the driver, to get it right. For lunch there is a desert picnic on a beautiful position with baking the bread in the sand. Accommodation in the semi-solid bivouac on the mighty sand dunes of Erg Chegaga.

12th Day

Erg Chegaga – Foum Zgiid – Tissint – Tata - Icht

In the morning it goes with the jeep through the desert to Foum Zguid, where you meet the asphalt road. On the N12, it goes without much traffic towards Tata. Exactly 58 km from Foum Zguid you can leave the car and go through the gravel desert to the edge of the oued and see the waterfalls deep down. From here continue with the bike on the road, always above the low-lying Oued with magnificent views. In Tissint more cascades, a little outside of Tissint on the right is high above the river the village of Taimzout, very picturesque. Then you've seen the highlights of the route as desired and can climb back into the car. Accommodation in a beautiful camp on the edge of the Anti-Atlas in beautiful rooms with a good dinner.

13th Day

Icht – Ait Herbil – Igmir - Tafraoute

The day starts with a highlight. The car brings you along 14 km up to Ait Herbil. There starts a very beautiful, yet unknown road to Tafraoute. It is paved at first, later gravel and has a wonderful landscape along oueds and palm groves. Up to Igmir it is 33 km and I recommend this first piece to go with the bike. Then it's a very steep serpentine road uphill and later by rather uninteresting countryside to Tafraoute.

14th Day

Day trip to the Valley of the Ammeln and Agadir Tasguent. Maybe there's enough time even to visit the wonderfully cool palm oasis Ait Mansour.

15th Day

Tafraoute – Tiznit – Aglou Plage

The road from Tafraoute to Tiznit is very curvy and hilly, also add a bike part exactly the way desired. Roadside argan trees grow and you see the goats climbing the trees. In Tiznit you take a break, stroll through the old streets and look at the famous silversmiths. In the afternoon, you cycle another 15 km to Aglou beach. There you stay in the beautifully situated Auberge Chant du Chameau looking over the Atlantic. Please be very quiet and listen if you hear the singing camel. You are right on the sea. While this can be cool and windy at this time, the fresh air is still good.

16th Day

Aglou Plage – Sidi Rbat – Agadir - Imouzzer

In the morning you don’t cycle back to the main road, but on a small paved road through agricultural area directly to Massa. In Sidi Rbat have a picnic on the beautiful beach. In the afternoon we continue to Agadir. On the previous tour had wonderful landscapes, traditional villages and cozy inns, and if you would stop now in Agadir you would get most certainly a culture shock. The city is for package tourists and people who simply want to rest. I recommend to continue to Tamrakht. There begins the beautiful Paradise Valley. If it's too late, take the 4x4 directly to Imouzzer, because you take in the morning the same route back. And downhill this time. In Aksri make a break at the restaurant Al Bassatine, and order tea with honey. This is something very special; you get a pot of mint tea with many small dishes with severals kinds of the  delicious honey from the region and freshly baked bread. Then it goes on to tonight's camp at a beautiful hotel with great views. To a warming open fire a for this one area very typical and very tasty tagine is served to you.

17th Day

Imouzzer - Essaouira

In the morning you ride the bike first to the cascades, which are not visible from the hotel, there are about 4 km down to there. Then, through Paradise Valley back to Tamrakht. There you go into the 4x4 and it goes towards Essaouira. I recommend to do the N1 completely with the car. 14 km before Essaouira is a side road to Sidi Kaouki. That would be an ideal trip with the bike. Drive the 12 miles by bike, go in the restaurant Sidi Kaouki with the surf shop, it has a German owner and you are sitting here with beautiful sea view. The driver can then pick up and bring you to your accommodation in Essaouira. End of the tour, relax and at sea.