"Morocco is a paradise on earth with beautiful climate, pristine beaches, magnificent landscapes, and immemorial heritage monuments."


Erg Chegaga and Erg Chebbi

Morocco has two large sand dune areas, the Erg (= sand) Chegaga and the Erg Chebbi. Neither is a short trip from Marrakech, as a minimum, you should allow three days. Chegaga lies about 510 km from Marrakech, Merzouga - Erg Chebbi at about 600 km. The dunes in both regions are very nice and about the same, but there is a huge difference. At the foot of the Erg Chebbi are three villages, and the asphalt road leads to the beginning of the dunes. Erg Chegaga is uninhabited, however, and can only be reached on a 54 km long, very difficult track with lots of sand from off-road vehicles with experienced chauffeur. Around the Erg Chebbi are about 80 well-equipped hotels, at Erg Chegaga there are only bivouacs. But there is also a luxury bivouac. The choice of the right area is difficult to choose, both have their beauties. In both places there is the possibility to book a camel trek. More isolation and solitary desert are found naturally in the Erg Chegaga area.

Erg Chegaga

This large sand dune area with a length of 40 km and a height of 300 m can be reached from Mhamid in a distance of 54 km on a very difficult track. Experienced off-road riders can reach the dunes on their own, but most tourists have to book a trip at a local agency. Mhamid has just like Rissani the problem that all legal and illegal guides rush to the newcomer to offer their services. Therefore, it is better to book the desert trip in advance at home or in Marrakech. For tours from Marrakech, visit our website under "Tours".

Erg Chebbi

This sand dune area extends from north to south for a distance of 40 km and a width of 6.5 km, the highest dune at Merzouga is 150 m high. In 1986 there were at the dunes of Erg Chebbi only three simple hostels with no running water or electricity, in Merzouga there was a simple hostel with the high-sounding name of "Hotel Merzouga". That was it. But now almost a hundred hotels are along the dunes in a solid chain. And of course each room has toilet and shower and is naturally air conditioned. At sunset, hundreds of people are sitting on each dune. Nevertheless: A Night in the Desert should not be missed under any circumstances, and even better, to take you on a camel ride in the late afternoon and spend the night in a bivouac under the stars.

Excerpt from a guest book:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful time here in thousand-star hotel on the edge of the Sahara. Your colors, your tam-tam music and delicious tagines made a deep impression on me. But the most beautiful is your easy way you are there for your guests...

... The ride to the oasis on the back of a camel and the night in the tent and the sunrise on the dunes are one of the greatest gifts in my life. Here you feel so completely arrived. "