"Morocco is a paradise on earth with beautiful climate, pristine beaches, magnificent landscapes, and immemorial heritage monuments."



One entrance is located on the northern side of the Djemaa el-Fna, opposite the restaurant Le Marrakchi. While a few years ago the annoying guides made it difficult to walk alone in the Medina, now a walk is completely undisturbed. However, each individual souvenir dealer, tries to move the "rich foreigner" into his shop, which is simply part of his job. A guide for the souks is not necessary and will certainly lead to a carpet shop, he will hardly be helpful in achieving a good price. He is in league with the dealers and then collected his commission. The most beautiful is a stroll in the early morning when the dealers are too lazy to bargain. Contrary to the general rumours about high prices in Marrakech you can buy the products that are manufactured locally with large selection for a good price, if you know how to bargain and are informed about the prices. In no way should you buy something, if Marrakech is the first station in the country and you have gathered no experience. Far too high, the prices of carpets in the great houses, but there are here and in Fes the largest selection and the most exquisite pieces.

Traditionally the souk is organized by the kind of crafts, eg leather goods, wood carvings, brass, textiles, etc. Today with the endless souvenir shops unfortunately this was destroyed a little bit. For orientation, you can follow the Rue Souk Semarine to the fork of the two lanes Attarine Souk and Souk el Kebir. If you explore each of these broad main roads and little side roads and go back again, you’ll not getting lost. Right of the main street is the beautiful spice market. There are available all kinds of nature medicine and beauty aids, there are also living lizards and turtles. In the middle of the deep souk seated and veiled women offer homemade braided straw hats and bags for sale. There is also the Café des Epices, from which can observe the busy life.

The Souk el Kebir leads past a fountain with beautifully carved facade with Kufi ornaments and a stalactite roof, but now in a pitiful state. Restored, however, was the fountain Koubba Almoravids, obtained as the only building that has remained from the time of the Almoravids. It was built in 1117, revised in the 17th and 19 Century, and then during the construction of the Ben Youssef Mosque built over, the building was first discovered in 1948 and 1952 unearthed. It originally belonged to a Almoravids mosque, of which nothing is received and served the ablutions before prayer. There were also showers, toilets and drinking fountains. Was supplied only through a sophisticated system, fed by the waters of the great cistern, which lies on the site.

There is also the Museum of Marrakech in the palace Mnebhi. The best is the ticket to visit the three monuments, museum, Medersa and Koubba. It costs 60 DH, children under 12 years 30 DH. Opening times Apr - Sept 9-19 clock, Oct - March 9 to 18 clock. In the museum garden is a small café. The best at the museum are the magnificent palace rooms, of exhibits there is not much. There are also often exhibitions of contemporary artists. But the rooms are a beautiful example of Moorish architecture and well worth the visit. In the middle is the large salon with a huge chandelier and three fountains, next to it smaller, richly decorated salons and a Hammam. The palace gives a good impression of the lifestyle of the nobility.

In contrast, the Ali Ben Youssef Medersa is an example of a sacred building, and also worth a visit. The accompanying mosque, like all mosques of the country can not be visited. The beautifully decorated buildings are from the Saadian time, the construction began 1564. A Medersa was a university to study the Koran, the students came from all parts of the country and lived in the 136 small cells on two floors, and they had space for 900 students. Some of the rooms have a small ladder to the attic, where were other sleeping places. Before the prayer hall on the ground floor is a large pool of water for cleaning before prayer, the prayer room is beautifully decorated.