"Morocco is a paradise on earth with beautiful climate, pristine beaches, magnificent landscapes, and immemorial heritage monuments."


Travel guide Mauritania

Entry, visa, routes, road conditions, fuel supply, GPS coordinates, geography, city descriptions, tourist attractions, hotels, camping, other current information

Edith Kohlbach

2nd edition, 2013, ISBN: 978-3-941015-12-8, 16.90 EUR

This book gives an overview of the main asphalt routes and the places and sights along these routes. In addition, some selected tracks have been recorded through beautiful, lonely landscapes.

Two travels to a virgin country

Travel report by Edith Kohlbach

1st edition, 2013, 128 pages, ISBN 978-3-941015-13-5, Price D 13.90 EUR, 14.90 EUR A, CH 20, - EUR

Mauritania is in its very nature still virgin, not yet changed by tourism. This makes traveling more difficult, but also more interesting, and for all who seek the challenge, this is the place. Twice I was in Mauritania, in 2007 and 2013, two trips, as they can not be different. On the first trip I reached the country by car and the long journey through Morocco, the second trip I took the plane and then I put myself in Nouakchott trustfully in the hands of the agency La Phare du Desert and its owner Idoumou Abderrahmane for at last see with my own eyes the rare Saharan crocodiles.

The experiences of these two trips, each lasting two weeks, are described in this book.

My travel guides are written in German. Only the childrens book "Ali the Camel’s incredible journey to Morocco" is written in German, English and French.

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