"Morocco is a paradise on earth with beautiful climate, pristine beaches, magnificent landscapes, and immemorial heritage monuments."


Ali the camel's incredible journey to Morocco

Edith Kohlbach

This beautiful picture book is aimed at children and adults alike who love Morocco. Ali, a toy camel from Tunisia accompanied grandmother Edith on her trip to Morocco to visit his brothers, the camels in the Sahara. This way he experiences many adventures which are told in a photo story and show some amazing views from Morocco. An ideal gift for all who love Morocco.

First voyage

2nd edition, 2013, 60 color pages with 108 color photos, format 280x200 mm, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-941015-15-9, price 16.00 EUR

Second voyage

1st edition, 2013, 52 color pages with 85 color photos, format 280x200 mm, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-941015-14-2, price 15.00 EUR

The books are written in three languages: German, English, French.

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