"Morocco is a paradise on earth with beautiful climate, pristine beaches, magnificent landscapes, and immemorial heritage monuments."


East Morocco

From the Mediterranean to the forgotten oasis Iche into the land of nomadic Ait Serhouchen and to Fez

Edith Kohlbach

1st Edition 2012, 200 pages, 14 drawings, 122 color photos, ISBN 978-3-941015-10-4, Price D 16.90 EUR, 18.90 EUR A, CH 25, - EUR

Eastern Morocco - Maroc Oriental - is still much unknown among travelers and has little tourist infrastructure. Simultaneously, other regions have been developed more and more touristy and Morocco experienced travellers miss a little the original hospitality and cordiality. But precisely this is still to be found in the East. Here are still largely unknown stirring landscapes, here the little children are not begging for sweets and pens, nobody is followed a step by step by the dealers. And therefore the eastern part of Morocco could just be your next travel destination.

In contrast to the main Guidebook this book describes the area in more detail and is illustrated with numerous colour photos. In addition, a larger font is selected.

Written in German

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