"Morocco is a paradise on earth with beautiful climate, pristine beaches, magnificent landscapes, and immemorial heritage monuments."



On the horizon, the mighty summits of the Atlas Mountains sting out of the haze. The city is like a fairy tale of 1001 night, probably few other oriental cities can compete in beauty with her. In Marrakech hide richly decorated palaces, Koran schools in the labyrinth of narrow streets behind huge pink walls. In the colorful bazaar street dealers offer craft products, fragrances, natural medicine and food, and on the central square is activity like any medieval market. With 823 200 inhabitants is Marrakech the fourth largest city and main tourist destination in the country. To Agadir we go to relaxation and swimming, but to Marrakech to make true the dream of the Orient. And while there are only about 100 tourist accommodations in Agadir, Marrakech has about 120 hotels and 500 guesthouses (Riads) and they are increasing every day.

A 19 km long wall surrounds the old town, the Medina. This Protection by up to two feet thick and nine feet high walls was necessary for the old base for trade caravans for many centuries. The streets are narrow, too small for cars, only pedestrians, donkey carts and mopeds fit through. Unlike in Europe, the architecture shows her pretty face not to the street. The mostly fortified looking and windowless walls seem forbidding. Pompously ornate gates, however, can always imagine, what a beautiful architecture hide behind the steep walls.